Henau believes in design that combines contemporary with timeless. An unconventional view of fashion integrating craftsmanship and imagination.
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Our story

Marc Delagrange and Michel Henau met in the early 1980s. They had always followed the same path. Besides their similar education and passions, their identical outlook on design made them become friends. Even more, they always got unique feedback from each other. Their artistic approach to design ensured that they continually inspired each other

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Optical gallery

In 1980, Marc Delagrange opened an optician's shop in the thriving centre of Kortrijk. The multi-brand business of those days has now grown into a Henau pilot boutique, supplemented by a carefully-chosen selection of other brands of glasses. The boutique surprises visitors with its exquisite collection of scarves, bracelets and other accessories that can be worn with glasses.

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